Foilboard Accessories

Foilboard Accessories


Speak to your local Grayking representative regarding stock availability on NSW (02) 9666 6688 or QLD (07) 3267 6222

Foilboard Floor Saddles

Foilboard Floor Saddles make underfloor insulating easy. Simply place the saddle over the floor joist and fasten with a nail or staple. Then slip the Foilboard between the floor joists and clip into place.

Foilboard Joining Tape

Foilboard supply tape for sealing all joins. The tape is a high temperature adhesive and is UV light resistant and is guaranteed to never deteriorate for the life of the installation.
Green PVC Joining tape is used when Foilboard is not to be exposed.

Foilboard Standard Fasteners

Foilboard Standard Fasteners are a 50mm x 35mm plastic washer with nail pre punched used to fasten Foilboard to timber frames. Standard Fasteners come with a 30mm nail suitable for Standard 10 and Super 15 Foilboard Sheets. Foilboard recommends a fastener every 600mm.