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About Grayking

Who We Are

Grayking Interior Supply is a leading distributor of commercial ceiling tiles with an extensive range of ceiling tiles & grids systems along with plasterboard products from top market brands including Armstrong, Knauf, CSR, Daiken and Rondo.

Our wide range of products include mineral fibre ceiling panels, plasterboard tile’s, free hanging acoustic clouds, metal panel, baffle, open cell, aluminium and steel grid and plasterboard and partitioning systems to accommodate all your commercial fit out needs.

Our History

Grayking Interior Supply Pty Ltd was established in the 1960’s and has been a reputable business in the commercial market since. Formerly known as Suspended Ceiling Pty Ltd and later as Grayking Suspended Ceilings Pty Ltd, we originally worked on supply and install of commercial ceilings and wall partitioning.

Since 1990, our main focus changed to supply only, becoming a distributor of leading brands in suspended ceilings and wall partitioning products. Grayking can provide technical & informative advice over a wide range of products for all commercial fit outs.

Now considered a specialist in acoustic ceiling systems, Grayking is renowned for their sound knowledge and technical advice, tile identification and market data.

With over 50 years in the industry, Grayking has become a highly respected ceiling panel distributor by property managers, architects, builders, contractors and even other manufacturers and suppliers.

About Grayking Interior Supply

Our Services

Our warehouse located on the fringe of Sydney’s CBD provides an easy to access location to keep your project moving.

Grayking Interior Supply’s service extends past supply and deliver. With a progressive team that has a combined experience in excess of over 40 years in the industry.


Tile Identification

Tiles can be identified with the help of our extensive on-site database.


Estimation & Quotes

Our sales staff will gladly assist in pricing and offering written or verbal quotes to match your requirements.


Supply & Delivery

Most stock is available at our Botany warehouse, with a full metropolitan delivery service available.


On-site Consultation

We offer on-site consultation with all major fit outs and developments.

Contact us

Have any questions? Please contact us with any of your interior supply enquiries.