Cornice Cove

Cornice Cove

Cove cornice has long been the standard cornice choice for Australian home builders. Its functional profile does not detract from common décor styles and it is available in three profile sizes (55 and 90mm).


Product Overview

While cornice effectively bridges the junctions between walls and ceilings, its purpose extends beyond function, providing the perfect finishing touch to the aesthetic harmony of a home. When balanced with other interior design features such as architraves, skirting and even door hardware, cornice can help make a subtle or dramatic style statement in a home.

Cove cornice is identified by its simple curve design and is available in 55mm or 90mm sizes, subject to market availability, to suit different ceiling heights and applications.

An upgrade to the impressive Concerto or Symphony cornice profiles should be considered for feature rooms within a home.


Typical Applications

The simple curve of Cove cornice gives it an understated presence throughout the home, allowing other architectural design features to become the hero. It is also the perfect choice for utility rooms such as bathrooms, laundries and closets.


Why use different cornice profile sizes?

Smaller profile sizes can improve the perception of height and space in rooms with lower ceilings. Larger profiles add grandeur and detail. A combination of profiles with similar styling adds detail to a home, and differentiates feature zones from utility spaces.



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55 x 3600mm
55 x 4800mm
90 x 3000 mm
90 x 3600 mm
90 x 4800 mm

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