DONN® Exposed Grid Ceiling System

DONN® Exposed Grid Ceiling System

The Rondo DONN® Exposed Grid Ceiling System provides the framework for a variety of lay-in tiles including; acoustic, perforated plasterboard, PVC laminated, and metal.

Not only does the Rondo DONN® Exposed Grid Ceiling System include the popular 24mm grid, it also offers a more slimline 15mm grid option to give designers an alternative grid appearance.

The well-known DONN® branded Quick Release Clips (QRC) are located on the ends of Rondo DONN® Cross Tees to enable fast and easy installations without the need for mechanical tools.


What you'll like about Rondo's DONN®  Ceiling System

  • Quick Release Clips – high tensile, allows for quick and easy installations
  • Lay-on Cross Tees resist twist and gapping
  • During installation, Cross Tees can be cantilevered and will not drop out due to their positive connections
  • Positive lock between Main Tee and Cross Tee is achieved without the need for mechanical tools or fixing
  • The DONN® 15mm Cross Tees include a patented centering device in the QRC Tab to ensure rebated and square edge Acoustic Panels are installed square
  • The DONN® 24mm Cross Tees come in three heights (38mm, 32mm and 24mm), two gauges (standard and heavy duty) and in white as standard, with black also available on enquiry


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