Echohush Bass Traps

Echohush Bass Traps

acoustic foam bass traps

Echohush Bass Traps are acoustic foam absorbers made from combustion modified foam that are tuned to absorb lower frequencies.

The panels absorb low frequencies preventing them from reflecting back into the room thereby controlling standing waves, that can generate low frequency ’boomy’ noise. Controlling reflected sound energy creates a better bass response in the room, offering a neutral audible environment making the panels a preferred choice in recording studios and home theatres.
Pyrotek have formulated and developed Echohush Bass Trap foams to outperform traditional acoustic foams by controlling the cell size, porosity, density and the flow resistivity throughout the cell structure.
Since low frequency pressure builds up along the boundaries of an enclosed space, pooling most in the corners of a room, the absorptive panels are designed for mounting in corners, where they are most effective.They can also be used in conjunction with our other Echohush products to maximise broadband noise reduction while offering varying design and aesthetic options.

Echohush Bass traps reduce conflicting echo, improve sound quality and are suited to applications such as restaurants, bars and cafes.

A choice of multiple colours using a specialised coating process is offered that exhibit excellent UV resistance and durability.



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