Echohush Profile

Echohush Profile

decorative sound absorbing foam panel

Echohush Profile is a range of decorative sound absorbing foam panels made from combustion modified polyether foam, that offer diffusive properties as well as high noise reduction across a broad frequency range.

As the name suggests, the absorptive panels feature a variety of decorative profiled surface patterns that are sculpted to varying shapes and designs, to maximise surface area for exceptional acoustic performance while also offering a decorative finish.

In conjunction with leading laboratories and test facilities, Pyrotek have formulated and developed Profile foams to outperform traditional acoustic foams by controlling the cell size, porosity, density and the flow resistivity throughout the cell structure. With specialised flame retarders to the foam, the panels exhibit improved fire performance to meet UL94 fire ratings.

The panels work to reduce reverberant noise or ’echo’ and improving audio and voice clarity, making them a preferred choice for applications such as recording studios, home entertainment theatres, conference/meeting rooms or noisy areas such as restaurants, bars and cafes.

A choice of multiple colours using a specialised coating process is offered for additional surface protection and durability.

Echohush Profile can be used in conjunction with our other Echohush products to effectively absorb a broad range of frequencies and help control typical room noise disturbances like interfering echo or flutter, modal distortion and reverberation.



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Packing Size

Width: 0.60 m
Length: 0.60 m

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