Gyptone™ 12mm Square Minigrid

Gyptone™ 12mm Square Minigrid

Superior acoustics and subtle style make Gyptone 12mm Square Minigrid an intelligent choice to help control reverberation in public spaces with the added benefit of enhanced air quality with patented Activ’Air technology.


Product Overview

Manufactured by worldwide plasterboard specialist, Saint-Gobain, Gyptone is purpose built to provide exceptional acoustic control with contemporary design.

High levels of acoustic absorption are achieved through a combination of perforation patterns and a highly effective black acoustic fabric backing which also prevents dust from the ceiling entering the room and masks the ceiling framework.

Gyptone 12mm Square Minigrid features eight large square groupings per sheet, each with nine mini grids of 16 x 12mm square perforations at 25mm centres. This subtle pattern provides an open area of 6%.

Gyptone is also manufactured with Activ’Air technology which has an enduring impact on indoor air quality.  All four edges of Gyptone perforated plasterboards are recessed to make flush jointing quicker and easier without the need for butt joints between full panels. The availability of seamless access panels, ensures easy access to the ceiling cavity while maintaining pattern continuity.


Typical Applications

Gyptone perforated plasterboard is typically used as a high performance plasterboard for ceilings in commercial constructions where a high level of acoustic performance is required. This includes applications such as theatres, restaurants, shopping centres and hotel foyers. Whilst perforated plasterboard in predominantly installed in ceilings, it is suitable for use in walls.

Gyptone joints are finished with a three coat jointing system and sanded smooth prior to decoration.



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Edge Profiles

Recessed Edge for regular jointing

Fire Hazard

Assessed to AS/NZS3837 cone calorimeter test
Average Specific Extinction Area (ASEA)
Group Number 1
Report Reference WFRA 45759


In accordance with BCA Clause C1.12, Gyprock Perforated Plasterboard may be used wherever a non-combustible material is required by the Code

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