Martini MSB

Martini MSB

Martini MSB is an acoustic partition wall and ceiling insulation for commercial applications. It provides sound transmission reduction and thermal performance, reducing noise and heat transfer between rooms. Inclusion of Martini MSB in wall and ceiling cavities increases the acoustic performance of such systems.

Available in roll form, Martini MSB like all Martini polyester products is non-itch and doesn’t require any protective clothing or masks during installation.


  • Commercial plasterboard partition walls
  • Commercial suspended ceilings

Environmental benefits

Martini MSB is manufactured from thermally-bonded polyester fibre with up to 80% recycled fibre content from post-consumer PET packaging, such as empty drink bottles.

  • No chemicals or resin binders are used in manufacture
  • Odourless
  • No waste is generated in manufacture
  • No water or ozone-depleting gases are used in manufacture
  • No chlorides are present in the product
  • Suitable for use in Green Star™ projects


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Polyester Fibre

Recovered Thickness

500 – 100mm*
Product thickness recovery time can vary depending on length of time in compressed packaging and air temperature

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