Quadzero dBX

Quadzero dBX

dBX Flexible Noise Barrier with Aluminium Glass-Cloth Facing

Quadzero™ dBX is a high performance noise control product that exhibits superior transmission loss performance. It features a flexible, mass-loaded, noise barrier, laminated with an aluminium foil-covered glass-cloth facing, (AGC). It was developed to meet market requirements in marine, rail, domestic, commercial, industrial and automotive industries.

‘dBX’ is a thin, strong, highly-flexible mass barrier made from recycled polymers that are halogen-free and offered in a range of weights that provide impressive acoustic transmission loss performance. The aluminium glass cloth (AGC) face offers a durable, flame-retardant surface enhancing its fire and acoustic performance. This high-performing product complies with IMO 653.16 marine standard building code for low spread of flame and exhibits impressive transmission loss and fire performance.

Stiff lightweight panel constructions, including plasterboard, drywall, plywood and hollow core walls, typically exhibit coincidence dip – a phenomenon where there is a reduction in the noise-transmission loss. This can be affected by the stiffness, mass and natural frequency of the construction and occurs at a point called the ‘critical frequency’ where the frequency of incident sound matches the natural frequency of the structure.

Quadzero™ dBX’s flexibility alters the stiffness of the construction, thereby shifting its natural frequency and co-incidence dip phenomenon outside the ‘critical bandwidth’, and thus maintains the transmission loss performance of the system. The dense, mass-barrier attenuates noise from mechanical equipment, engine, and electronic audio technologies such as radio and television, when transmitted through walls, ceilings and floors.



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Silver (Aluminium face)


Standard Roll Sizes:
1.35 x 10 m (4.4 ft x 32.8 ft)
1.35 x 5 m (4.4 ft x 16.4 ft)

Custom rolls or sheets available
depending on MOQ

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