eco-friendly sound and noise absorbers for challenging environments

Reapor acoustic panels are high performance noise absorbers, that look like cut stone.

Constructed from small aerated granules made from recycled glass. The granules are fused together through a patented high temperature sintering process to form a hard, lightweight, fibre-free, non-combustible stone-look panel that can be used indoors and outdoors. The unique material is highly porous, absorbing noise both between and within the granules.

Reapor noise absorbing panels are simple and easy to install using recommended adhesives (Refer Installation Guide for details). The panels can be cut, drilled and routered using standard wood working tools, enabling easy installation around obstacles.

The panels are suitable for use outdoors. Wet panels will drain freely and dry in the sun, however this may result in efflorescence where crystalline salts are deposited on the surface of the panel. Efflorescence will not affect acoustic performance. If efflorescence does occur, the salts may be removed using commercial efflorescence cleaners.

(Refer Installation Guide on ‘Reapor’ for details).



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Light grey


50 x 625 x 625 mm
50 x 625 x 1250 mm
25 x 625 x 625 mm
25 x 625 x 1200 mm
63 x 625 x 625 mm
(25 mm and 63 mm sold FCL only


Custom sizes available depending on MOQ

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