Sorberpoly 3D

Sorberpoly 3D

high performance textile sound absorber

Sorberpoly 3D uses a patented vertical lapping system employing fine polyester fibres to deliver excellent sound absorbing and thermal properties. The vertical lapping system provides resiliency to maintain high loft, important to maximising sound absorption, particularly in high humidity applications. It is also fuel, oil and grease resistant.

When backed by a high-performance facing,  Sorberpoly 3D is significantly lighter in weight compared to the insulation of comparable acoustic performance, like foam, rockwool and fibreglass and it is ideal across the needs of a variety of manufacturing and installation approaches.

Manufactured from 100% polyester fibre, Sorberpoly 3D is sustainable, recyclable, hydrophobic (non-wicking) and it is easily cut and installed.



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