DGS Flat Ceilings

DGS Flat Ceilings

DGS is a range of precision engineered suspension components for flat, curved or bulkhead plasterboard ceilings and walls. Utilising suspended ceiling grid technology, DGS is quick and easy to set-out and install with a range of accessories for easy on-site detailing and customisation.

DGS contributes to sustainable design:

  • Produced from 25% recycled content
  • Is fully recyclable at end of life
  • Provides significant savings in material compared to traditional systems

DGS is designed and manufactured to comply with the following standards:

  • AS/NZ 2785-2000: Suspended Ceilings
    Design and Installation
  • AS/NZ 2589-2007: Gypsum linings
    Application and finishing
  • AS/NZ 1397-2002: Steel sheet and strip
    Hot-dipped zinc-coated or aluminium/zinc-coated
  • AS/NZ 4600-2005: Cold-formed steel structures
    AS/NZ 1170-2002:
  • Structural Design Actions

DGS Flat Ceilings

DGS is made up of main bars and cross runners that are suspended from the structural deck.

Sections of main bars lock together end-to-end with cross runners spanning between the main bars.

The ends of the main bars and cross runners either lock into the wall Channel or are fixed to angle trims that run around the perimeter of the space.




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Galvanised Steel, Metal

Profile Type

Heavy Duty DGS Tee Bars

End Detail

Main Bar: staked-on SuperLock clip

Cross Runner: staked-on XL² clip

Recycled Content


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